You need Customization ?
We are able t0 adopt the inner contour of our artificial turf barrier to your exact needs .

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Soccer Goal

Since high demands all over the world GRASSCALM is now also available for soccer goals. Once installed ensures Grasscalm for an always well-groomed appearance without effort.

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Street posts

Mowing of roadside requires a lot of time . With the big machinery of the area around the crash barriers and posts can not be achieved .

The cutting free of traffic signs is not only time consuming but also carries a high risk of accidents for the community workers and other road users . This danger can be overridden by the GRASSCALM growth barrier .

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Individual inner contour

You have a particular form?
Grasscalm sets the inner diameter and form of the artificial turf barrier exactly to your needs .
D27 : contours up to a diameter of 130mm can be realized .
D34 : contours up to a diameter of 200 mm can be realized .

We look forward to your inquiry!